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Kate Robles - piano, Gold medal
and Yamaha Scholarship
Jelena Zecevic - violin, Gold medal
Tina Antic - piano, Gold medal
Ana Antic - piano, Silver medal
Dusan Petrinjac - piano, Silver medal
Aleksia Pavlovic - piano, Gold medal
Roland Moeschter - piano, Silver medal
Stefan Ostojic - piano, Gold medal
Katarina Zecevic - piano, Gold medal
Wilfred Moeschter - piano, Gold medal
Ana Grandic - piano, Gold medal
Ilija Vulic - piano, Bronze medal
Greater Hamilton Music Festival
April, 2008
Peel Music Festival
April 2008, Mississauga
Ilija Vulic - second place; provincial
Marko Stojanovic - second place
Jovan Stojanovic - second place
Rotary Music Festival
November 2008, Burlington

Kate Robles - piano, grade 9; Gold medal
Jelena Zecevic - violin, grade 2; Gold medal
Peter Maccario - trumpet, grade 4; Gold
Jovan Suvajac - guitar, grade 2; Gold
Katarina Zecevic - piano, grade 5; Bronze
Dusan Petrinjac - piano, grade 3; Silver .
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